Holdstock & MacLeod

Holdstock & MacLeod are still enthusiastically performing together after twenty-five years, with authentic renditions of the songs of their homelands. Whether performing shanties and other traditional music of the sea or nineteenth century ballads, Allan MacLeod and Dick Holdstock are still captivating audiences from coast to coast. Audiences always join in by singing and laughing along with their outrageous songs and stories.

Read more about Allan MacLeod and Dick Holdsock at their website, www.HoldstockMacLeod.com. Listen and download songs at their site as well.

What the Critics Say

“An evening of music, Holdstock & MacLeod style, is filled with the richness of the music of their Scottish and English roots. The songs they sing tell more clearly than any history book what the people were thinking and feeling at the time. Whether they are singing of the beauties of the countryside or the horrors of war, Holdstock & MacLeod are able to totally involve their audiences with the experience.”

– The Folk Song Society of Greater Boston

Performance: Sunday
February 16, 2014, 3:00 PM